Between two proposals

I can’t believe I’m also in your inbox. My problem is, I’m weighing two guys on a scale and I am not sure what to do. Both are intelligent, one is calm when under pressure; the other is not so calm. But they are both kind to me and others.

They are good mannered with a higher class kind of upbringing. I like them because they are confident and aware of the feelings of others. They are affectionate and very romantic when they want to be. One is very protective of me though they both haven’t proposed.

I can depend on them because I trust them. They are very mature, independent financially; open minded, caring passionate, understanding, good sense of humor and both are good in bed.

I know, I am sleeping with both but they don’t know each other. One is partially an introvert but he has a bit of a social life. The other is the direct opposite.

I like these guys and was hoping one would ask me to be his girlfriend so I could drop the other. There was a dinner party that both coincidentally happened to be guests.

Mr. X invited me to be his +1 and though I was his +1, he was trying to be so formal with me and didn’t want to act as my date. Maybe it was because his work mates were present but he wasn’t rude or anything.

I only felt alone though he was seated next to me. It was time for a dance and Mr.X was either dancing with his guys or by himself but making eye contact and funny gestures at me.

Mr. Y saw me and walked straight to my table to ask me for a dance. We danced for 20 minutes and he asked me to be his girlfriend. He whispered it to my ear.

I was in shock; I told him I will think about it and had to explain I was someone’s +1 at the party. On our way to my house, Mr.X asked if I would be his girlfriend.

Dave, these are wonderful men and I don’t want to play with their emotions. They are both my dream men. At the moment, I don’t know what to base my decision on.

Do I say yes to the one who invited me to the party as his +1 or to the one who asked me for a dance and wasn’t bothered to show me off on the dance floor?

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