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This life is an immense journey, and this journey would be a whole lot exciting and pleasurable should one share it with ‘The One’ who can teach us new things. You don’t need to be beautiful, employed, rich, educated, etc. for a potential partner to open your eyes to new ways of thinking or to teach you how to be a lady or gentleman worth pursuing… worth loving, and keeping.

What are you bringing to the table? – DBM


“My taste in women is orgasmic: Tall. Hot, with boobs and ass on point. Partially fair, Simple and Friendly. If you carry my ‘Big 6’, you carry my heart forever. I have met and dated quite a number of women who either carried 5/6 or 4/6. Never dated anything less than 4. I have never met my 6/6. So, I was changing them as and when I deemed fit. I had broken up with an Ex, and was not looking forward to anything, ever again.

Then my friend’s company invited me to join their board to help interview and shortlist applicants for a Managerial vacancy. I couldn’t sit on/in the first Two (2) interviews because I had to travel. So I joined in the final interview to select the qualified applicant. There were Four (4) of them, and she was the only woman. Nothing in my taste. She was this plain, slim girl. There was nothing attractive about her to get my attention in any way.

The first two candidates (guys) wowed us. I think we were already deliberating on which one, amongst those two, was the best for the job, because they were both excellent. Then this girl entered the conference room, and smiled! Beautiful smile, yeah! That caught my attention in a way, so I looked at her to assess her. Just alright!

Then she started talking in reference to a question asked by one of the panel. It was that clear to all of us, that she felt the job would enable her to identify some of the potential challenges and/opportunities that the company may be facing in the future. Her responses to every question seemed to clarify the fact that, she wasn’t that after the paycheck, nor was she eager to get the job because it would look good on her resume. She was just looking to give back to the company, and also share her expertise with the next generation.

All this while, I hadn’t asked a single question. Listening to her was that enjoyable. But I needed to talk somehow, so I thought of an intelligent question to throw her mind off guard. My initial question was for her to pitch herself to us and also give reasons as to why she’d be the best fit for the role. I opened my mouth, and the question that could pop out of it was,

“Are you single?”

The board members looked at me in a certain way. This was the final interview to make the final decision. What had ‘relationship statuses’ got to do with this stage? The interviewee just smiled, and said, “Yes!” Then one board member cut in to re-direct the path of the interview. He asked her what had been her biggest work victory and defeat. She gave an excellent response that got all of us, nodding. Then I opened my mouth again:

“Who is your ideal guy?”

She looked at me intensely, and told me she needed a man with character; for that was the sole attribute she believed would make her happy in a relationship. She went ahead to tell us that, if a man lacked truth, honesty and sincerity, then he lacked everything that a relationship required to survive. She wanted a matured man.

Now, at this point, one panelist obviously, also enjoying her, asked her to elaborate on the ‘maturity’. She believed immature men like showing off; and that they are probably afraid of serious commitments. They are definitely insecure about their future, and according to her, naïve. What was funny about her response was, most of the guys (including myself) on that panel qualified for her definition of immaturity.

“There is nothing worse for a woman than having to submit to an insecure man.” She said

She believed she needed a resilient and mature man by her side. A man who knew where he was going in life. A man that believed in himself, and is brave enough to solve problems with his own hands, and not only that, but would also be able to care for her like any mature man should. She wanted a smart man: one who thinks before acting or saying anything. Such men, she believed were skilled in thinking about the consequences.

“Such abilities in a man gives me that extra approval, likeness, respect, love and assurance in him.” She said “After all, with the million women tossing themselves at married men out there, this would be, in my estimation, the crucial quality to ensure faithfulness.”

The room went quiet for a minute, and then she broke the silence.

“I need to be compatible with him also.”

She believed compatibility allowed her to fit well with her man. She wanted a man that feared God. A panelist asked how hands on she was as an employee, assuming they offered her the job, and she made us proud. I couldn’t stop admiring her. She wasn’t my type but my type. Dave, confusion y3 basaaaa. I didn’t know how to fix her in my mind. I wanted to fix her in my thoughts; in my life, but I didn’t know how to do all that at the interview.

The panel kept quiet, each deliberating on whatever they were deliberating on. I couldn’t stop staring at her. She was beautiful, Dave. She is beautiful! It’s unfortunate I hadn’t taken notice of that when she entered the room, but I did, after the interview. I do every day.

I married her. Lol!

Yeah! I asked her if she would consider knowing me, outside of the conference room, and she said yes. We dated for Three (3) months, and then got married. She did not get the job. They chose one of the first two guys. I paid for that outcome anyways. My wife accused me of being the cause of the opportunity loss. She accepted my proposal on the condition that, I paid her 20% out of my salary every month until she secured a new job. I paid her for Six (6) months until she landed her current job.

Dave, never say never. When love happens, it just happens. The industry is full of nice people, and there are no rights and wrongs. It should be a privilege to be able to say “I love you” to someone. It shouldn’t be something people say just because they feel like it. A privilege that is earned. I know people who say you have to earn the right to be loved; no, love is unconditional, if you love someone, they don’t have to earn it. But. The right to tell someone that you love them? That has to be earned. You have to earn the right to be believed.

I earned mine, and it’s been a blessing so far.” From GFB

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