Battle of trust

Mr. David hello,

Let me go straight to the point. Some time ago, my husband came home and out of the blue, mentioned the name of a friend of mine that I have known for 18 years. He was speaking ill of her and was indirectly suggesting that I ended my friendship with her.

Because he thought she wasn’t a good friend. His other reason was that she made sexual advances towards him that day. Dave, let me also state that, 3 hours before he got home that evening to say that about my friend, my friend had already called to inform about something she had seen my husband do in his car at a neighbourhood.

He was kissing another woman in his car and he had seen her, see him in the act. My friend also mentioned the person she was in the neighbourhood with had told her my husband’s car had been driving to that apartment for over a year.

I am married to a man who has not given me any reason for me to doubt his fidelity to me. To the best of my knowledge, he is always home on time.

He loves me and the children. I don’t struggle with the house chores because he helps me at home. He does the best he can for me not to lack a thing. He is responsible at home and treats me like a queen.

My friend is someone I can also trust with my life, and I know she has my best interest at heart. I have known her for the greater part of my life to know she is not a liar.

She became friends with my husband because I am married to him. She is not jealous of us, she has always been happy for me. She is in a relationship herself.

I don’t want to assume which of them I feel could be lying but Dave; my intuition tells me my husband could be making things up. What do I do?

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