Baby contract

David, I and my wife have been married for 8 years without a child. I want children, at least 3. I want to be a proud Papa and raise my strong sons and daughter. My wife knows how much I love children and because I didn’t want it to be an issue in our home, I had to pretend it was okay with me. Last year, my wife came up with an idea which was cool by me. We decided to pay a young lady to have my baby. It’s a complicated idea but to make it simple, I took a year leave from work and my wife resigned from her job. These decisions were necessary to make our plans effective. We traveled to Kumasi to stay for a year. My wife first went to rent a place for us. I was visiting on weekends prior to my leave to settle in. It was a life afresh schedule.

I met a nice young woman from one of the campuses and proposed our plan to her. She met my wife and we agreed on a 30,000 cedis fee. She gets pregnant to due date, we pay the first 15000, she breastfeeds for 5 months, and we pay the remaining 15000. We took care of her feeding, where to sleep and all other responsibilities when she was pregnant.
Dave, we signed a contract with my lawyer with all these arrangements. We take our baby after 5 months and the contract is over. No external interference. But when she gave birth, her mother wanted to see their grandchild. The agreement was no external interference. We didn’t fight the first visit. Her mother wanted to visit again and we said no and then she involved the police.

Our lawyer handled the issue but then, the girl’s mother wouldn’t understand. She insisted her daughter, return home. My child’s mother is 23 years. We discussed things with her to change plans. We completed the payment after the 4th month of breastfeeding and we move back to Accra with our son without his mother.
The police have been calling me, threatening a kidnapping charge. My lawyer says the law is on our side. Then the girl called 9 months after bringing our baby to Accra, asking if she could come and spend the weekend with our baby. She says she misses him and wants to be his Aunt. My wife doesn’t trust her intentions and is against her visit. I side with my wife on any major decision. This is one of those. The girl hasn’t stopped calling me. Should I block her or we should arrange a meeting outside of our home in Accra, so she doesn’t know where we live? I am confused. My wife thinks we are being set up using her.

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