Are you with your soul mate?

David I need your opinion. My husband shared a dream he had about me months ago in November 2020. He said I poured an ice cream on a woman and instead of saying sorry, I was quarrelling with her. Dave, before he told me about his dream, I also had a dream about a woman pouring a drink on my husband. And my daughter told my husband that the woman is his soul mate in the dream.
In March this year, we went to Accra Mall to chill. When we entered and got to the Shoprite area, a woman poured grape juice on my husband’s shirt. In an attempt to salvage the situation, I smeared the ice cream in the hair and face of the woman when she tried to clean my husband’s shirt. My husband looked me in the eye to remind me of his dream. Dave, I didn’t tell my husband about my dream but it looked like it was happening.
My husband asked that we wait for him to go and clean in the washroom. The woman also followed to clean herself. When they returned, they were smiling and my husband was using his phone. I later got to know that they exchanged phone numbers. It was the way they were looking at each other when they returned to us. It was like they had known each other for years.

Since the incident, my husband deletes his chats. He is often on his phone and smiling to himself, when he thinks no one is looking. I had looked on his phone and he has changed his password. Because I wasn’t comfortable with the changes, I hired a taxi driver to follow him for few days. He has been meeting the same woman from the mall. The taxi driver sent me photos of them together in a compromising position. I have asked him if he had met the woman from the mall and he said no. According to the driver, he suspects there is more to their relationship.
He thinks they are sleeping together. David, my husband has changed. I know he has changed. Is it possible that a wife cannot be her husband’s soul mate? It’s strange; my husband is not like that.

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