Always a cheat

David, I never thought I will be bold enough to share this but I am over my emotions now and I feel okay to share. A letter to my ex husband F.

When you met me, I told you about my insecurities concerning relationships, I told you when I love, I love hard so if you were not ready, you should not waste my time. But it seems something else was written in the stars for us.

We got pregnant, I was happy because you accepted it. Luckily, we had twins, a boy and girl and we were all happy. Three years down the line, we are divorced all because you couldn’t keep it in your pants.You would hump anything in skirt. You disgraced me and never gave me respect as a woman.

Even though you didn’t help out in anyway financially with the kids from when they were born, I never complained, but you took me, the kids and my love and generosity for granted.

I helped you within any way I could when you were doing a top up course because I thought I was helping my life partner. But it seems I was a fool for you. I wised up man! You thought I will never leave because I wanted a home for my kids or maybe you thought I loved you so much.

But F, knowing that you will choose to spend money on your numerous girlfriends instead of your family made me think twice and decided to divorce you. You are not a good person; you are not a good partner for anyone and certainly not a good father.

I left you because I will prefer being single than contract a deadly disease all in the name of being an understanding wife, hoping you will change. I gave you a second chance to change but once a cheater, always a cheater.

You have taken away any ounce of trust I had in men and belief I had in love. I will definitely take care of my toddlers by myself but God knows when He will decide your fate. I bid you farewell!!

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