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Should the spouse always come first (as in, become a priority) before there are even children blessed to the marriage? Without a strong marriage, and a seemingly, loving home, can the whole idea of children thrive? Are spouses of today, only concerned about their need to get pregnant, or if they have any, focusing solely on the kids while they’re small so they can tend to their marriages later – when the children are of age?  – Bondze



The story from the woman whose husband impregnated another woman after eight years or so of childless marriage has pushed me to share my story. I have followed your page for some time now and have read every story ever since. I am married to a very wonderful, God fearing, principled and adorable man. We dated for four years and have been married to him for 12 years. This year will be our 13th year in marriage, and David, I can proudly beat my chest and tell you that I’ve been blessed with the best man alive.

Do you know why? Because we don’t have children of our own, but have lived and loved like there’s no tomorrow. He tells me that even if God does not bless us with children, we will still remain committed and serve our maker. This is a man who dated only one lady before meeting me. As for the pressures from society and family di33, they are nothing to write about, but we are still together.

Every preparation has been made for our kids if God blesses us today with one. Note that we have not been idle because we’ve seen most of the best gynecologists so far but they could not find anything wrong with us. Dave, I was entertaining much fears of losing my husband, until we listened to an interview by Uncle Ebo Whyte. That was when we decided never to give up. Reason behind my story? There are still some good and faithful men out there and my husband is one of such men.

I decided to share this with you because he equally adores me. I never expected to have a peaceful home even without children in Ghana, in this era of in-laws invading your home always but God has blessed me with wonderful in-laws.

Dave, we have fought both spiritual and physical battles in this marriage. We have drank all kinds of traditional herbs after our doctors asked us to go home because there’s nothing wrong with us. We have fasted and prayed and sought the face of God in diverse ways before getting here. I believe God used all those times and moments to strengthen us and prepare us for the future. I read a comment from one of your followers and the question was, “should all marriages produce children”? I leave that to you to answer. Keep up the good work David.

Remain blessed!” – O-K A

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