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Life can be a continuous bombardment of so many things coming at us, nearby us and past us. And a lot of the time, what these attacks can leave us is an imprint that everything is that impossible or just difficult to pursue. Akua did more than she could imagine. There is a mission residing in this young lady, and she’s taking life, one day at a time. – DBM


“Some years ago, things were difficult and nothing was working in my life. I got a job under NYEP (teaching) and my mum advised me to write remedial examination and go to Teacher Training College. It was a good idea so I registered four subjects with WAEC. Unfortunately I failed one paper and again, my mum advised I write it again. Well, I accepted her counsel and wrote the paper. I got it this time but not with too good a grade. I went for the third time and applied for training college. I never got in. I realized it looked like my mum was indirectly trying to control my life so I decided to come back to Accra and live my own life because at the end of the day, it is my life and not my mum’s. I had to make decisions for myself. I felt I could be anything else, aside teaching and still make my life better.

With the help of my brother, I enrolled at IPMC for six months and I saw an advertisement about a school which would allow students to be in level 200 without an HND. One had to just pass the matured exams. I applied and passed and it was an Evening School, so I searched for a job to keep me busy during the day, so at least, I could take care of my fees and handouts. But unfortunately, I never got a job. I met a man who gave me an offer to be his mistress, and in return, pay my fees and rent a place for me. He even promised to get me a job after school, but I told him I would rather stop school than accept his offer. He looked surprised but I cared less.

I had to stop school for a while. I later went back and I was told by the school account’s office that my name was not in their system. My brother called talking about UEW forms. It was a diploma but I accepted and applied for it anyways. I got admission and that same year, I got a job too. In fact I worked throughout my three years in school. Currently, I have been able to finish school and I am almost done with my service. Even though it is a diploma certificate I have, it is a better than wasting three years at home with nothing good going on for me.

No matter what life throws at you, make something better out of it. Even if you won’t get what you want, it will be a stepping stone to that greatness you’d want to see yourself in.” – From EAOK

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Everyday People


Everyday People


Everyday People


Everyday People



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