Air of Gravity

A very good friend asked why there seems to be no gravity when we are in the elevator, and I was like, “Hmmm!” Then she tried explaining gravity to me all over again: According to the physics she thinks she remembers from school, gravity is the natural force we all know – that causes things to fall towards the earth. And gravity, as a noun, also means seriousness or solemnity. The story you are about to read is from a daring woman. And until she got in touch with me today, I never would have known she could be that bold. She has conducted herself with this much air of gravity, by taking her experience into becoming a mother that seriously.

Now, that, is the Audacity of Hope! – DBM


“Before I share my story, I’d want to say that, I will choose my husband over and over again, because he is a unique, different and wonderful person.

We have been married for 10 years now. Two years into the marriage, baby was not coming. My husband’s family was cool but my family started mounting pressure. They were always asking questions, like, why I was not pregnant or when I was going to have a baby. They asked as if I were God. They were always suggesting places we should go and concoctions we should drink. My husband stood on his ground that he wasn’t going anywhere, nor would he drink anything not prescribed by a doctor (he is SC so he is very careful about his health).

We started working on it medically. After all the tests and scan, everything was ok with me but he is Azoospermia. Surgery was conducted on him but still there was no results. It looked like he couldn’t have his own biological children. We got married with the dream of having our own children and this was a big blow in our faces. After discussions with our doctor on options, we decided to go for anonymous sperm.

Dave, as a young committed Christian I couldn’t see myself having a child that is not biologically my husband’s, but it looked like that was the only option we had. The rest is a whole journey on its own. I did IUI in one hospital, the money, the time, the prayers, the faith that went into it was just so much and it came out negative. U can imagine the disappointment. I nearly gave up (all that while my family didn’t know what I was going through, my mum would not lend me money but was always worrying me with baby issue). Another fertility clinic was recommended to us and we decided to try again. Dave I went through the first IUI, second IUI, third IUI and it was all negative.

Apart from everything we put in, when it doesn’t work and my menses come, the pains I had to go through was just unbearable. The earlier IUIs were all with injections and drugs so the doctor decided to go the normal way, thus no injections and drugs, so whenever I was ovulating I would go for the sperm to be inserted. It became a monthly ritual for about four times. That too didn’t work. All that while, I was always told I am too young for IVF, and that, everything too was and is fine with me.

It was later (four years into the marriage and two years of back and forth with IUI) I decided, and told my husband either I go for IVF or I wouldn’t try again. I went for the first IVF and was successful, but I lost the pregnancy after six weeks. I decided that I was going for the second and last IVF. I was of this opinion that if it did not work then it probably meant that could be the will of God for my life. Dave I went for the 2nd IVF and I got pregnant. To the glory of God, I had my miracle daughter. Knowing my husband’s condition and my dream of having a big family, I decided to have my last born so I went for IVF (3rd) which was not successful. Dave I went for the last IVF (4th) and I had quadruplets.


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