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Against my peace of mind

Hello Mr. Dave, my wife and my mother have teamed up to disturb my peace. How do I fight them? My wife doesn’t trust me because she has been listening to the lies my mother has been feeding her. She takes relationship advice from my mother. Meanwhile, I have told her my mother was part of the reasons my father died.She refused to take care of my Dad when he was sick. My mother is so vengeful and unforgiving.

I fear she has succeeded in polluting my wife against me. Because my father had a couple of affairs, she watched him die when he fell ill. I have warned my wife to stay away from my mother but she doesn’t listen. Lately, I have been seeing my wife treat me in a certain way that I know was inspired by my mother.
I saw her do the same to my father when he was alive. I have been ignoring them but it’s only getting worse. Can I divorce a woman based on these grounds?

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