Absolute trust

Mr. David, how are you? I want to tell you about something. Tell me if I’m wrong. I am trying to be honest with my husband but I think he is not sharing some of his innermost information with me. His brother died and we got to know through his widow that he has a lot of money on his momo wallet. She doesn’t have his password to his phone. She doesn’t have his pin code to any of his activities. My husband was telling me about two properties his brother built in different locations for rent. While talking to his brother’s widow separately, I accidentally mentioned it.

She had no idea about any other property than the one she was living in with her husband. Her husband had two other bank accounts aside their joint account. She has no information about those accounts. She found out about the two separate accounts when she was going through his things after he died.She was telling me there are people who owe him huge sums of money that he went into agreement with on phone. She is certain a lot of them are through WhatApp chats, texts and emails. But she doesn’t have access to his phone or email.

After interacting with my late in-law’s wife, I had to talk with my husband. We both agreed to be transparent with each other about everything, though scary.He has access to my Facebook, phone, Whataap, email, bank account, momo a secret project I’m undertaking, everything. When it got to his turn, he became reasonably transparent. He wasn’t comfortable sharing everything. I offered more than a dose of my trust in him.

I gave it all. He is now telling me sharing it all doesn’t mean he should do so with filter.
WTF, Dave if we had agreed on that, wouldn’t I have been a little discreet myself? So far he has only shared his secret projects and bank account information. I have his emails passwords too. But he is fighting against his phone and Facebook passwords. I don’t have his momo pin too. He wants me to just let go and trust him. Where do I find the trust?

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