Absence of sex

Hello David,I have a complicated issue and I think I need your help. My husband wants me to find another man to sleep with. I married young and he was a lot older than me. I want to be honest with my story. My husband is wealthy and I think he married me because I am beautiful. It wasn’t love at first sight for me.I developed love for him in the marriage. He promised me a comfortable life and so far, he has fulfilled his word. He is in his 60s but his prostate issues have affected his libido.
He can’t have a 30 seconds erection. We have not had sex since July 2018. I was not worried about it until he started suggesting I find a man to be meeting my need in that department. Dave, I have never complained about our nonexistence of sex. It has not been a problem but he keeps bringing the subject up.

He wants me to have sex with another man. He says until I do that, he will never be at peace. I am not that kind of woman to look outside marriage. I wouldn’t know how to talk to another man about this arrangement. I see you posting adverts of singles. Are there any guys who would be okay dating a married woman? I am uncomfortable sending you this message but my husband made me promise I will do this favor for him. I miss sex; I am just shy to consider this suggestion. My husband wants me to confirm I did it with someone this week.
He has given me over 35000 cedis to make it a memorable time for me and the guy. He wants me to take the guy out to a nice hotel and have fun. I don’t know if I should just lie to my husband too. Dave, I am confused. He says it’s for my own good. I don’t know what to do.

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