My name is David Bondze-Mbir. I am communications skilled, an adjunct facilitator, a content developer for Radio and New Media, a songwriter, composer and singer. I believe I only have what I can give, and therefore, reaching down and lifting people up is the best exercise that I can give to my heart at the moment. I have the virtue of taking a stand to accomplish the impossible, and this implies a new way of looking at things which clearly goes against the status quo. I know how to confront the complex problems, ask the right questions and come out with workable solutions.

I am not a counselor. I am not a ‘Relationship expert’. I am naturally just a good listener. I love to listen, and talk people through moments.

I love nature, I enjoy reading and writing, composing and singing. I daydream a lot, I love to relax and reflect/ponder over issues. I also delight in gardening, cooking, taking long baths and walks; listening to good music. I am naturally an introverted person, not outgoing. I do not smoke, drink or do drugs. I’m that boring in my element. I love silence. I love pets; simple things always bring out big smiles in me.

Today, I love more than I am loved. I give more of my time than I am given. I create more than I destroy. You know, people usually find that their life is worth living if they have a sense of meaning in their lives. Meaning can be derived from meaningful relationships (people that love me, that depend on me), from important work (that benefits more than just myself), from advocating causes I believe in (that are tied emotionally to my own experiences).

In fact, at a point I used to feel that my life wasn’t “worth living” – because nothing seemed to be working for me, and though that did not mean that I was justified to end it. I intentionally made it mean that embarking on a journey of self-discovery could and can help me find meaning, belonging and even happiness in my life. And, oh, I did find a whole lot of me.

I am David Bondze-Mbir, and welcome to my blog!