Abortive office romp

Are men more sexual than women? Because most women would rather anticipate the whole sex idea before involving themselves in it. A woman would rather long for it to in a way, fuel her need to want to desire it. This woman would have preferred talking about it with her husband; connecting her emotions into it before the act. How about men? Was he expressing his tender loving self by showing up this way at his wife’s office? What is a man’s language of intimacy? – DBM


IAG: Good evening, Dave. My husband came to my office unannounced today, asked me to tell my secretary not to allow anyone in from 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM. I thought he wanted to talk about something important, but no, he wanted sex. I told him it was my working hours and that, I couldn’t. He got pissed and tried forcing himself on me. I screamed for help. I give him sex at home when he wants it, we don’t have any real sex issues pending. So I don’t know what exactly came over him today. 

When help finally entered my office, he was naked. He got dressed in their presence, and then removed his wedding ring and threw it on the floor. He’s not home yet. He has not called me since this afternoon. What do I do or say to him when he returns home?”

David Bondze (DB): Good afternoon. How are you?

IAG: I do not know, Dave.

DB: Did you read the comments on Facebook?

IAG: I did.

DB: Okay?

IAG: He’s pissed. He says I did not have to embarrass him on Social Media too.

DB: Meaning?

IAG: I think he read it last night on someone’s Facebook. You shouldn’t have allowed people to share it.

DB: I’m terribly sorry.

IAG: That’s okay. It has already happened.

DB: So, he came home then?

IAG: He did.

DB: Hmmm!

IAG: Did I really do wrong by screaming?

DB: I don’t know, but trust me, I do understand you.

IAG: Sometimes I feel he doesn’t take me serious or listen to me when I tell him I do not like something.

DB: You don’t feel heard!

IAG: I don’t, Dave, at all. He’s always having his way. I need to gather enough strength to be facing him.

DB: How long have you been married?

IAG: Four years.

DB: I see. Kids?

IAG: We have a child.

DB: Ok!

IAG: He shouldn’t have tried forcing himself on me. He does that a lot at home. I wake up sometimes at dawn and he’s already playing with my clitoris with his tongue or finger. Sometimes, I wake up to find him inside me. I don’t like all this, Dave. I don’t like it.

DB: Hmmm! Then your ‘distin’ should be that sweet for him to want to steal it.

IAG: He acts creepy at home. He creeps me out.

DB:  He might not be necessarily evil, you know? He may be immature but don’t judge him so much.

IAG: I give him sex more times than most women I know would. I do not deny him that. I love my husband.

DB: You embarrassed him in a way though.

IAG: I know, I felt bad about it too.

DB: Have you apologized to him?

IAG: I have.

DB: Good!

IAG: But he says I shouldn’t be complaining should he not want to have sex with me anymore.

DB: What does that mean?

IAG: I don’t know. He doesn’t want to forgive me.

DB: Does he love you?

IAG: I guess. I was at his office this morning.

DB: To do what?

IAG: To hold his face, and touch his lips. I looked deep into his soul, and kissed him as if nothing else mattered.

DB: Awwww!

IAG: I love that man, Dave. I just wish he could be a little reasonable.

DB: Hmmm! Did he kiss back?

IAG: He did.

DB: I’m glad he expressed himself also with the kiss.

IAG: Yeah, it felt good!

DB: Where did he go yesterday, after leaving your office?

IAG: Home.

DB: Awwww!

IAG: Yeah!

DB: Has he called or texted you today?

IAG: No.

DB: But he used to, prior to yesterday’s event?

IAG: Yes.

DB: Just give him time to put his thoughts together.

IAG: You think he’d come along?

DB: Only time would tell.

IAG: Okay. I have a meeting. I need to prepare for it.

DB: Sure! Please make it your best day ever,

IAG: Thanks Dave.

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