A word to my Supervisor at work

Good morning Dave, I would like you to publish this for me. It’s about my lady Boss and me. Let’s call her Aku. I met Aku about 8 years ago when I was done with tertiary and had my first job. She happens to be my immediate supervisor and from the first day, after I was interviewed, offered a job and introduced to her, we started having a nice conversation. She actually took me round during my orientation, took me through some training. During one of our conversations, she realized we were from the same tribe and our relationship took a different direction.
We vibe in many ways, we talked on phone for hours even after work until her husband gets homes. After months, we were planning to hang out on some weekends and all that. She is older than I am so I felt comfortable talking to her about my childhood and the struggles I had to go through before getting to where I am now. She assured me everything was going to be fine.

My Boss noticed my friendship with my supervisor and admired it though warned me to be careful. After a year, we were very okay and I appreciated the friendship by buying her gifts and giving her some surprises. I could tell her everything in my relationship but she was yet to meet the guy. During one of my weekend outings with her, I asked my boyfriend to meet us so I introduced him to this woman. He came and even paid all our bills.
The following Monday, she came and told me I have the best man on earth so I should take good care of him. We were now like mom and daughter.

He mostly took us out for lunch, at least thrice a week. Anytime my guy calls and she is around, he says hello to her but there was a time she wanted to talk to the guy but he didn’t answer his phone when I called. She then asked me to give the guy’s number to her. Without thinking twice, I did. After all, she is married and not a bad person. Some months from then, my boyfriend couldn’t call to ask questions like what happened at work today. Who complimented you and other irritating questions. My boyfriend was no longer paying attention to me, he stopped the random lunch times we had together. He would shout at me with the little misunderstanding and my relationship was no longer lovely.
I will call Aku and tell her how things were going and how uncomfortable I was feeling around my guy. She will tell me to hold on and that she will talk to the guy. Long story short, the guy and Aku have been discussing our relationship and she advised my guy to stop being supportive because I earn so much to cater for myself.

She told the guy to concentrate on his life and that I’m only with him because of his money.
This is a guy I met when he had nothing. Her constant calls with the guy got me annoyed that they could talk for an hour and more while my calls waited. I never showed her at work that I wasn’t happy about how things were going. Knowing how poisonous she wanted to be, I stopped telling her a lot of stuff and she had a problem with that. She actually told almost everyone that I don’t respect.
I once took my guy’s phone and read through his conversations with Aku and it was an eyesore. Aku had introduced another lady to my guy and they have started going out. I saw naked pictures of Aku on my boyfriend’s phone too. I was broken but still couldn’t confront Aku about it because I respected her so much. But from then, the battle was between my boyfriend and I.

He had updates about my work schedule and all that was happening at the workplace without my knowledge. My boyfriend took ill and so I was home when Aku called my boyfriend without knowing the guy was at my end. And on loudspeaker, she told the guy to end his relationship with me because my family and I have hands in his sickness.
We have planned to kill him so we can take his properties. The guy quickly hung up. This was a week after the guy had bought a car for me on my birthday. I was totally broken and cried like a baby. Why would she think of me as such? I was unhappy and couldn’t watch her talk to me nicely and eat with me from the same bowl knowing what she has said about me.
I gathered courage one day and went to her and poured out my heart to her with all that she has said and done to my relationship. Aku got pissed and later fabricated stories to my Boss.

I was suspended at work for a month for disrespecting her and after I resumed, we have never been same. The guy ended our relationship because I confronted Aku. Well, I have been called names like disrespectful and ungrateful for ending my friendship with Aku at the workplace. It has been 3 years now, she doesn’t talk to me. She tells people how I’m going to suffer before getting a husband. She conflicts our personal issues with work and sometimes refuses to endorse certain things in my favor. I’m doing fine though but I sometimes blame myself for the introduction I did. I spoilt a beautiful relationship by involving her in my affairs.

She thinks of me as one toddler and herself as someone who was coming to shape my relationship for me and I didn’t give her that chance.
I want to tell her that, I respect her so much and appreciate her friendship but it was no longer healthy and that’s why I distanced myself even though I had the opportunity to inform her husband about everything. I love her same and wouldn’t want to break her home by giving all her naked pictures to her husband but she should change her ways and not use her position to destroy others.

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