A taste of true love

A letter to that one man who made me know I’m not difficult to love.
Hey B, my heart is filled with so much peace and love. I truly can’t thank God enough for having us cross paths. Thanks for supporting me on everything. Thanks for being so caring and loving.

Thanks for making me feel worth every beautiful thing in this life. Thanks for healing a heart you didn’t break.
Thanks for believing in my dreams and for clearing the notion I had that all men are the same. Indeed not all men are the same.

You have been so kind to me. Listen, I got you for life as well. All my 29 years on earth have been so sad and depressed. I have cried myself to sleep since I started dating. I can’t believe at 29 it’s my first time experiencing true happiness.

For a moment I thought you will change with time but no, you always find a nice way of being the same man.
A year of constant laughter without one teardrop, a year of friendship, a year of being my konkonsa partner and the peace I have now. I love you and please I am still waiting on the ATM pin.

I should have saved it on my phone when you were sick and thought you were going to die. You asked I take all the money and take good care of your mum. But God knows I can’t live without you.
He gave you life and now you won’t give me the ATM pin again.

Like we say to each other, nipa ny3 oo. I beg give me the pin wai, na I have seen someone living the rich man’s wife dream you said you want to give me.
I want to start practicing it. Hey man, I love you deep. God will protect you, grant you favor wherever you find yourself. Listen ,you will be a great man. Wherever your name will be mentioned which is not under the gathering of Christ, fire will consume them.

The lord will forever be your shepherd. Success and good health will forever locate you. I know if you get I get.
I have always said this and I mean it, when we grow older and all my teeth’s are gone, God should take me first because I can’t bear to lose you.

Thanks for making everyday Christmas for me. Thanks for making me the happiest woman alive today. It makes sense why my past was like that and I am so grateful for my past.

I used to think I have done something against God. But now I know he was looking out for my best interest.
Thanks for teaching me not to settle for anything less. God bless you my favorite human being.

Our last birthday boyfriend and girlfriend this year, counting days to say I do. I can’t believe we have known each other for almost a year and we are ready to say I do next year.
When God is the center of it all.
Thank you.
Signed your madam.

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