A new phone or a wedding? Choose one!

The screen of her phone had cracked, and she was expecting me to buy her a new phone. With what money? Lol! There were important things on my mind. But because I couldn’t tell her I didn’t have any money for a phone, I intentionally went window shopping with her at The Accra Mall, to check the prices of their phones.

After the window shopping, she told me which brand she wanted as replacement.

The price of that phone was almost GHS1,700.

I had to think fast. When we got out of the shop, we met a mutual friend. I took my phone out, typed a text message to be sent to her number, but under the pretense of my friend, taking a photo of us. I whispered to my friend to just send the message to her number – when I put my arms around her as my pose. The text was simple:

‘Will you marry me?’

So I posed, and he sent it to her phone when he instructed us to be ready for the shot. Her phone vibrated and made a tiny noise. She was holding it. I asked her to check the message before we take the picture. She smiled, and then looked at me in a way: The, ‘Are you serious’ look. I nodded. She burst into tears after reading it.

‘But why now?’ she asked.

‘Why not now?’ I replied. ‘Choose between the phone and a marriage to you’

All this while, our friend was taking shots of every second of that remarkable moment. She said, ‘Yes!’ to the marriage proposal, but made me promise to buy her the phone as well – as her wedding present… Which I DID NOT!

We’ve been married for Two (2) years, and she’s bought her own phone. We are very happy laidat.” – From YB-L


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