A mistake

Good evening. I have two problems in one. The 1st is that I was very sick in 2020, and hospitalized. Things weren’t going well for us financially because my wife and I are doing many projects. We both knew we didn’t have any secret savings anywhere. So when we were informed I had to undergo a surgery in July 2020, we were both disturbed. My wife coughed 4200 dollars to pay for the surgery and other bills. She will not tell me where she got the money from.
My wife is someone I know doesn’t lie so if she had told me she took a loan, I would have believed her. But she has not told me the source of the money. The money has been bothering me but she keeps telling me it should not be my concern. David, does this make any sense to you? Money that was used to pay for my surgery should not be my concern?

I started entertaining so many thoughts and it led me into an affair. Of all the things I deeply regret in life is this mistake. But unfortunately my wife caught me in the act. I don’t know how, but she found out about the hotel I was in with the lady and she came to find me naked in bed with her. She told me to not come back home till I have filed for divorce.
David, it is just one mistake. My wife means everything to me so divorce is out of the question. She doesn’t want to be the one to file because she doesn’t want me to face the embarrassment, being that I was with another woman. I am known and respected in certain areas. News like this will disappoint many people.

My wife is insisting I divorce her with a reason that I no longer love her. I haven’t slept home since February. What do I do to explain to her, it was just a onetime mistake? My family is everything to me. I can’t throw all that away because I had an affair. I don’t know what to do. Divorce is out of the question. How do I get back to my home life and be with the woman who doesn’t want to see my face.

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