A letter to Borbor

Dear David can you do me a favor? I want you to publish my letter for me. I am writing it to my ex husband. Yesterday the children told me their daddy still cries and blames me for the failure of our marriage. His nickname is Borbor and he is one of your followers.
Borbor, nothing I say today or tomorrow will give you the solace and comfort that you are looking for. You have blocked me on all angles to reach you so I had to resort to this means. I don’t know how it all started but there are 5 things I wasn’t experiencing with you in our marriage, thus honesty, respect, maturity, help and romance.
Emotionally, I am fulfilled now because I feel I have the best settlement anyone could ever give me, the opportunity to finally find my own kind of happiness from within. No man or woman’s happiness is found in their spouse. Our divorce has given me the space to process exactly what our marriage was to me and why. Our marriage couldn’t have survived that’s why I did not commit to it again. You were not honest with me in so many times. You talked to me anyhow.

When I needed my husband to come through for me in difficult times, you always had an excuse to not fully be present for me. But you were present for other people in your prolonged exchange of text with them. You keep blaming me for cheating on you but you cheated first. How come you never told your family and friends about your two affairs? You are not prepared to face the consequences of your actions by addressing what you did directly but you can blame me for doing something similar which wasn’t intentional.
You broke the love and trust inside me Borbor. Sexually, I was unsatisfied. This is another difficult conversation you can’t commit to. You took me for granted when you were flirting, sending those pictures, meeting up with her and speaking ill of our marriage to people. You have to move on. I have moved on. I haven’t blamed you like you are doing. Even telling our children I cheated on you. You and only you betrayed our marriage and the trust I had in you by acting on your urges to cheat. I blame myself for acting on mine too. You are not the only one feeling bad.

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