A hero comes along

He had just met her, and though their interaction had just begun, he knew she was different. He felt excited in a way only he could explain. That funny feeling you feel as a child, where your whole world seemed like a magical movie: everything making sense all over again. The butterflies! That happy kind of nervousness whenever thoughts of ‘The One’ comes to mind. That feeling ‘alive’ kind of feeling. -DBM


“Hello David!

It was a holiday, on the 6th of March, 2011, when I met my wife. I had visited a restaurant with my sister and her kids, who had flown in from The States, to spend Two (2) weeks in Ghana. Family means the world to me, so the whole idea of a perfect dinner for me – that day, was being with the very people I really wanted to be with. And, that Sunday started and also stopped with my family by my side.

My sister’s two kids are very troublesome, so I was particularly concerned about them. We entered the restaurant, and within minutes, they had found a reason to fight, and disturb, and walk about, touching and taking pictures of everything and everyone inside the restaurant. Then I saw the two talking and staring at a pretty waitress. The next thing I saw was, the two boys walking towards the table she was serving, to talk to her. They would follow her and be talking to/with her.

One of the boys had even offered to carry the used plate in her hands to the kitchen.

Everything looked funny to me. However, all I was praying for was for them not to cause any damages for me to pay. One of the boys returned to the table to tell my sister that, the waitress thought I was cute. She laughed and asked him to go and call his brother to the table. They both returned with the waitress to take our order. Her smile got me staring, in a way – at her. She was a delight to look at. She had the precise balance of efficacy and pleasantness. When it was my turn to take my order, she smiled again, this time, at me.

With all the trouble those kids could have caused, this waitress accepted that we wanted enough time to enjoy our meal, as a family, and so she tried her best not to rush us in any way. Their food was spectacular. After the meal, my sister excused herself to use the washroom. Months later after that event, I got to know that – the waitress had followed her to the washroom that day, to confirm whether or not I had mentioned to her and the kids that she was pretty! That was what the kids had made up when they were talking to her. And my sister concurred to her kids’ story.

She liked the waitress too.

We finished eating, and had made payments. Did I forget to add that their prices were so reasonable? When we got to the carpark, I turned for the last time to check the restaurant out, and there she was, staring at us (me), by one corner of the glass. She quickly turned to return to her work when our eyes met. At first, I smiled, but then it didn’t feel right within. I hadn’t done something I should have done while inside, so I rushed back in, and spotted her, cleaning another table. I gently tapped her on the shoulder, and asked if she were single.

“I am single.” she replied

I asked of her name, told her mine, and then gave her my business card. She thanked me, and I left. Just before I reached the entrance door, I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder, and it was her. She handed a piece of paper to me with her phone number boldly written on it.

Facebook was then catching up in Ghana, so I asked my sister to drive while I spent the time checking her out on Facebook.

I found her profile status, and sent her a friendship request. On her profile status, she had a Bachelors and a Master’s degree in Accounting. Why she was a waitress, I couldn’t know. I sent her a text message, and made her know I was interested. She responded, expressing her interest in me also.

Getting to know her was a whole new world all together. She was delightful. We talked forever. Two weeks passed until our actual, first real date –which was the worst date either of us had probably been on. We had agreed on lunch, at her restaurant, during her one hour break (because she hardly could make time for anything else. Work was taking all of her time).

She was in her working uniform, eating with me, when her employer came over to our table, screaming at her. My lady refused to respond, because according to her, she had done nothing wrong. She had worked her part for the day, and was on break: the break due her. But her employer wouldn’t understand nor cease fire.

She had 25 minutes more left before her break would end, so she suggested we continued eating our meal in my car. She got up, and left her boss at the table. At exactly 1:30 PM, she was inside the restaurant to continue with work. Her boss fired and walked her out of the restaurant.

I felt so sorry for her but she seemed not to be bothered. She had had enough with her disrespect and ridicule. I loved her strength: so fearless and didn’t regret changing the game at work – to try something new with me. Her level of tenacity matched her passion to not want to ruin our first official date, so through it all, I realized she was trying so hard to sustain a solid sense of humor.

In my car, the frequency is always on 97.3 MHz. The station was playing ‘HERO’ by Mariah Carey, when I saw my lady come out of the restaurant, with her bag in hand. She had changed into new clothes. It’s the lyrics – “And then a hero comes along …” that propelled me to reach for her face – with my right hand, when she joined me in the car, gently moving closer to kiss her on the mouth. She closed her eyes and received the kiss. She smiled and kissed back. That was when her first tear dropped in my palm.

She liked me that much. Her ‘HERO’ had come along at the right time. And, I had come to stay.

Dave, the song that was playing when I walked to her Single Room for the first time, on the 16th day after our first meet, was ‘HERO’. She was listening to the song, also on radio. That couldn’t have been a mere coincidence. It was a message to me. We hugged, and I whispered to her ears,

“Will you marry me?”

I wasn’t looking for a girlfriend, much less a wife when my nephews played matchmakers by indirectly, drawing our attention to each other. She was also coming out of an abusive relationship that had left her feeling damaged. But somehow, we managed to change that for the both of us.

Four (4) months after our meeting at the restaurant, I went to see her parents to officially ask for her hand in marriage. I was a single parent, but my wife stepped into her new role as a mother to my little girl. Their bond got closer with time. She takes my baby on movie nights, and she so much loves it. And despite her long days at work – trying to meet deadlines, she is able to commit to her Church, and also, reserve some of her energy for special times with me.

She’s often surprising me with secret getaways, where I don’t know the destinations most times – until it’s time to pack. I feel so blessed to have a woman like my wife in my life. She makes me feel important and loved every day. Such an inspirational example of an intelligent, ethical woman who knows the pain of sacrifice for her family – without losing her own sense of self. My wife is just the kind of woman you want in your corner.” – From SAO

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