A festish husband?

I have been trying to send you this message since August 2020 when I found out,about what I am going to tell you. But I keep deleting and holding back. David, I am scared, I am also worried. I don’t even know where to start. My husband is a wonderful man. He loves me, I see it in his eyes the way he treats me. I see it in the eyes of our children because he loves those boys. On this aspect of our relationship, everything is on point.

What is freaking me out is this,the night of our honeymoon, he asked me to allow him shave the pubic hair growing on and around my vulva before having sex. He likes oral sex a lot. The other reason he gave me was that, he enjoys the soft. It is easier for him to rub his skin against my skin during intercourse than against hair. My husband is the type of man who would give you reasons for all his actions. That is the man I have come to know for the past 6 years. I have no problem with my husband trimming my public hair.

My concern is the fact that he collects them. Since we married, anytime he shaves me, he pours the hair into this glass, the type people store shito in. To the best my knowledge, he has collected three bottles of my hair. He has a drawer in his study where he stores them.
I have chanced on him a few times, smelling my hair from the bottle. There have been times I caught him playing with the hairs with his hands, very creepy and crazy fetishes he calls it. He left a document I was searching for in his study when he travelled on assignment so I had to search for it there.

David, my husband always has that drawer locked but it had not been locked that day. I told you I am supposed to have 3 bottles of mine right?
There were nine bottles. All labeled with alphabets. I could easily tell which could be mine because two bottles were full and the others weren’t. Mr.Bondze Mbir, I don’t know whom to talk to. Who do I talk to Dave? What do I say to the person? I don’t know how to understand it. I don’t know how to bring this conversation up with my husband. I don’t know what he is up to. I don’t know what he is doing. Please tell me I am not going crazy.

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