A difficult mother-in-law

Good afternoon Dave, I trust you and your funs are fine. I’m sharing the story of how my mother-in-law broke my home. People may see the guy whose MIL is in charge of everything as overacting but with these things, unless you have experienced one. My ex husband is the 9th of 10 kids, 5 males and 5 females. All siblings are well to do. They built a house for their mum at Adenta but my MIL refused to stay there nor with any of her children than my husband. I was 22 when I got married. We enjoyed life, living happily, being naughty, wild and all the things you can imagine couples do. My husband had 2 kids from his late wife and our family was a great one.

Then my mother-in-law (MIL) moved in,first, she was ill and needed extra care. One of her granddaughter is a nurse, married to a doctor but she refused to stay with her though she (the nurse) opted to take care of her. My MIL’s reason was that, her children must take care of her and not grandchildren. She chose my home with the reason that I am new in the family so I must attend to her.Dave, I was in my final year at the tertiary and pregnant as well but did best in taking care of her. Few months after her visit, she changed towards me.

She complained of everything I did. My meals aren’t tasty, I don’t care about my stepchildren, I am too lazy, and that I have put on too much weight. I was pregnant and had a lot of complications but my MIL wouldn’t understand that I needed rest though my husband and I explained to her the doctor’s advice. According to her, I am not the only one who has ever been pregnant. That she carried 10 kids at ease and because of laziness, I always complain of just one. She would not eat anything I cooked but will call my husband and tell him I refused to give her food.

My husband will return home furious that I am maltreating his mother. No amount of explanation will make him believe me. My husband is a businessman who traveled a lot. One time, he was out of town and my MIL quarreled with me. She rained heavy insults on me and told me that her son can’t love me more than her. I was surprised. Upon returning, she narrated a different story and that was when things got worse. My husband beat me because his mum said I called her a witch. It was 1:30 am, hmmm. She told my husband I was seeing other men, that when he is not around, I bring men home. I stopped my colleagues from visiting even for group assignments and projects.

Since then, my husband after work will go to his mum, remove his clothes with exception of boxers before coming to the master bedroom. Sometimes, he will sit and chat with her for hours before entering our room. Gradually, my husband stopped eating my food.He preferred outside food to mine because his mother told him I may poison him and take his properties. He stopped his kids from getting closer to me though they always cried to be with me. He stopped me from picking them from school. He will pick them, send them to the shop and return late. He won’t leave them even on weekends.

I became a stranger in my own home and nobody spoke to me. I only communicated to God and with my baby in my womb. When I was seven months, he said I should go for an abortion and that he doesn’t need a child.Dave, this was not the man I married. My MIL said she strongly suspects the baby is not her son’s. I was in hell in my home.I was bleeding one night I had sex with my husband amidst coughing blood. Right after sex, he moved to sleep in the guest room. I called his phone but it was off. Luckily, my younger brother had paid a visit so I called his line who rushed me to the hospital.

It was later, revealed that my hubby took some meds that will abort the baby during intercourse. That was when I opened up to my family the hell I was in. he started womanizing and will bring the woman home. My mother in Law will call these ladies “Asew konofo” and all sweet names but called me “eyi” pretending to forget my name. By God’s grace, I gave birth through CS and my daughter was his carbon copy.

The hell I went through, I leave this here for now. We separated in 2015 and divorced in 2016. The problems from my Mother-in-law were too much. She was in charge till late 2019 when one of my hubby’s friends told me he sacked his mum from the house. Since last year, he has been pleading that I come back but I’m like Lil win…Mada kwraa. Please keep me anonymous. Thanks.

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