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A cheater’s punishment

There is this worrying trend, a deep sense of entitlement among people who claim to be in love. I think it borders on insanity and a criminal mindset, the idea that a partner who is suspected of sleeping with another person or has actually slept with another person deserves to die. I just can’t understand what makes people think they are entitled to the life of their partner.
Yes, cheating is wrong and should not be excused or entertained. But the punishment for cheating is separation, divorce, breakup, not poisoning and killing. This is where it even gets dangerously funny for me. I have observed a lot. Women in particular do not care if a man maltreats another woman or even kills to make them happy. They will focus on what their man is doing for them.
There are women on your platform who are in relationships with married men or with guys having serious girlfriends. They are happy when such men leave their wives and go to them, pay their school fees, rent, and buy gifts for them. The moment the same man does exactly the same thing for another woman, they feel he has betrayed them and he must die. The worst of it all for me is when a lady I know confided in me about a married man asking her out and how ready she was to give the guy a chance because he had promised to marry her.
This guy wanted to rent a place for her and she was happy about it. Then, one day in a conversation, I noticed she had not a modicum of respect for her sister’s husband but rather pure contempt for the man. The reason, he is seeing another woman and has rented a place for her not far from where they live so he can always walk to see the side chick. She wished something will just happen to the guy and he will die. Not even her own husband oo, that is what she wished for her sister’s husband because the man was hurting her sister with his actions.
Meanwhile, this same lady is seeing another woman’s husband and was at that point going around, searching for an apartment the man will pay for. I was shocked beyond measure. And can you imagine how they love their brothers? Yes women love their cheating and womanizing brothers. If anyone should do something to their brothers, they will stand to defend them but somehow they think the men they wish dead do not also have families or that their lives are not important to several other people.I can’t get my head around it.

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