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Early this year, I got three very interesting inbox messages which I titled ‘Uncle Daddy’. Many of us were left amazed, whispering the sweet ‘’Oohs’ and ‘Ahhs’ after reading their beautiful stories. Well, another one just dropped in my inbox. 😊.

Yep! So are you ready for our freshest Uncle Daddy (Episode 4)?

Meet Nii and Akosua.

Nii is a 44 year old widower with three kids. His late wife bled in the brain due to high BP, and died. This English and Literature teacher is taking care of his late wife’s niece, who also just happens to be staying with him. Prior to his wife’s demise, they had had a good time that morning and afternoon, and were so looking forward to a new day. That evening after Church, his late wife complained of dizziness. Nii picked her and his mother from Church, and then brought them home to enable her lie down for a while.

After a few hours nap, she got up to use the washroom, and that was when it dawned on her that she could no longer mover her left arm. They rushed her to the CNJ hospital, where she was stabilized.

He returned home to pick a few of his wife’s stuff to the hospital, only to be told she had passed out. They were then referred to another hospital. Nii’s mum used to work at Trust hospital and so they rushed there: No bed! They left to Korle Bu, no bed there too. They rushed to the Ridge hospital, and interestingly, there were no available beds for any new patient. 37 Military Hospital, no beds! They eventually ended up at the Tema General Hospital, at around 2:00 am, on the 8th of February, 2018. Nii testifies his wife was well taken care of, however, at around 9:30 am, that very same day, Mrs. Boye unfortunately, passed on.

They had been married for 16 years.

Let me introduce you to the young lady in the picture. Her name is Akosua, a single mother of three (a boy and two girls, aged 6, 4 and 3). Now, if you’re a follower of my page, you probably might have read many of the stories shared about husbands who just wake up one day and feel – they are no longer in love, and for whatever other reasons out there, would either leave or throw their wives out of their matrimonial homes? Well, Akosua’s husband woke up one day and just left. He left the three kids in the woman’s care to pursue a new life. A man she had helped see through school. A man she had stayed and toiled for when he had nothing as close to a job. Akosua almost lost her mind. I am informed she nearly attempted suicide, but for her kids, she had to reconsider her decision.

Akosua, like the many of us (single, widowed, divorced or single handedly parenting a child) at point was driving her peace of mind crazy, wondering whether or not true love could happen to her again, especially now with her three musketeers at hand. At a point, she doubted the whole idea of a right man ever coming along to sweep her and her kids off their feet… And then there was Nii.

An Uncle Ebo Whyte play they had both bought tickets to watch. And according to Nii, she parked her car exactly where he had parked his. He says, the second they both stared at each other at the car park, he found himself asking her this question, “Will you marry me?

A woman he had no idea of, whether or not she was single. He says, Akos politely smiled back at him. She stayed in her car for the while, as he got out of his car to approach her. He requested for the opportunity to be friends with her, and they exchanged phone numbers. That was how they started with their knowing me, knowing you.

Three weeks after their phone conversations, he asked her out on a date. And like the gentleman he is, he made her choose the venue. Nii says, he enjoyed that first date out, so-much-so-that, he did not want to let her go. But then it was getting late, and she had to be home to be with her children. He expressed his interest in her, and she asked for time to think about it. Nii tells me, after some days, she accepted to want to be his woman.

Really, all the good men and women haven’t been taken. And regardless of your age or circumstance, you are never too old to find love. Nii did not know who he was going to meet at the Ebo Whyte play. Akos did not imagine running into such a beautiful spirit that day. You just cannot tell which old or new flame might ignite that passion than ever before, to want to love and be loved right back. These experiences are available to all of us in search for something better than our past.

Nii kept his eye on the prize at the car park, and boldly went for it. Akosua had been through a lot, and with her age came wisdom, to read in between the lines. She saw in Nii, a man who could be a better compliment for her. She was open minded about where she accepted love from. She had also had similar dreams of someday, being rescued from her life by a knight in shining armor.

Love is not reserved for only a special kind of people, no! You deserve love. And love will find you wherever you are if it’s meant for you to keep. And just like the game of lottery, until you stake, you can’t win. The same goes for dating, if you do not look you can’t find. Nii went out, and found Akos. Akosua went out, and she found the man now after her own heart.

Meet new people, not necessarily for love, but to just see what happens. Nothing wrong with adding on to your friends list. You just might not know, a new friend could know someone you’d want to know. Love is something beautiful we all need to add to our lives, but it shouldn’t define our lives.

Nii tells me they’ve had their own share of the ups and downs, but are making the effort to balance what they want in their lives with the same amount of responsibility they are putting on each other.

Now, here is the best part, Akosua’s kids call Nii, “Daddy”😍. The reality of who the kids are seeing and loving as their ‘father figure’ is totally different from who they used to know and call daddy in the past. They’ve seen the difference in men in Nii, and they trust this Uncle Daddy.

Dear Akosua, Nii reached out to me yesterday evening, to say so much about you. He says he dreamt that you were his, and then woke up smiling because he realized it was not a dream anymore, and that you are already his❤️. He is thankful to have you in his life because you fill the emptiness in his ❤️. Your heart, he says is full of love and affection. Your hands, he testifies are always caring. No greater light shines as bright in his path as the love and change you have brought in his life. Your smile warms his heart and your very presence makes him whole. Nii says, when you gaze at him, he simply cannot help but to get addicted to you. He thanks you so much for being thoughtful. He appreciates your understanding. He’s glad you’re that fun to be around with.

Falling in love with you, he says is the moment he got a good cause to fight for, and a reason to live for. He gives you his heart, gratefully, knowing very well his life will never be the same, but much better – with you in it. Nii says he loves you dearly, and that’s the beginning and the end of everything. Fights and arguments, ups and downs, kisses and hugs, smiles and frowns, the good and not so good times, day or night, dude is willing to sail through it all with you and the kids, not just now but forever.
Nii wants you to know that, his gratitude for having met you is surpassed only by the amazement at the joy you bring to his life. He’d want to believe his permanent relationship status has been taken over, forever by the most gorgeous woman ever, YOU!

Dave, please tell Akosua I know what I have now, and will forever cherish it. Tell her I will never betray her.”

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