7 Minus 6 Y3 One

When David Bolton, a British, asked me, to write a Twi song for him to record, the first thing that came to mind was,
“Is he serious? But why would an ‘Obroni’ choose to want to embarrass himself?”
Throughout his almost, 30 years music career, this was a challenge he felt he could throw himself – of all the challenges in the world. Three days after his request, I sent him the lyrics. His response to the lyrics was,
He couldn’t understand a word, yet was enthusiastic about it. It has taken him over two months to get this masterpiece, well delivered. Why am I sharing this with all of you? If an Obroni can deliver the Fante/Twi language this excellently in a song, WHAT is YOUR EXCUSE of not pursuing that dream?
I watched Bolton record this ballad at the Recording Studio with so much heart and commitment. Every time he tried pronouncing a Fante word and failed, every time it seemed like his hope to deliver the verse was getting stuck in the deeps, and he wondered just how he’d get through the sail, he would SMILE, and then beat himself up to focus and start it all over again. He did not forget that underneath his seemingly ‘failure’ to sing and pronounce the lyrics right, was an anchor of great strength and fortitude. He kept digging until he found it… He got it! He sang it right. Better than right!
And when he realized he had, he SMILED his best!
Guys, sometimes all it takes is a little watering every day and a sunny day to follow. That’s how weeds become flowers and new dawns rise. Why would it be any less then for your life?
Title of Song: 7 Minus 6 Y3 One
Performed By: David Bolton
Music and Words By: David Bondze-Mbir
Produced By: D’kaybee Studios
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